BioGaia Prodentis®:

A True Breakthrough in Oral Care!

Promotes a healthy balance in the mouth

Reinforces the beneficial bacteria

Defends against common dental problems

Promotes healthy gums & teeth

Your Common or Recurring Dental Problems Could Be Solved By Good Bacteria!*


BioGaia Prodentis®:

BioGaia Prodentis® is a dental probiotic that reinforces the beneficial bacteria to promote healthy gums & teeth. Many oral care products work by eliminating bad bacteria. Unfortunately, they can eliminate the good bacteria as well. Rather than getting rid of the good guys, Prodentis® strengthens & reinforces the beneficial bacteria to promote a healthy balance in the mouth & improve oral health.*

BioGaia Prodentis®

For Gums & Teeth*

  • Promote healthy gums & teeth plus fresh breath*
  • Easily add to your daily oral health routine
  • Great for use between professional teeth cleanings

BioGaia Prodentis® is Clinically Proven to Promote Healthy Gums & Teeth*

Only Prodentis® contains the exclusive & patented L.reuteri probiotics, clinically shown to improve oral health.*

How Do I Know if BioGaia Prodentis® is Right for Me?

BioGaia Prodentis® could help if you have:

  • Common or reoccurring dental problems
  • A history of “bad teeth” or lots of dental work
  • Conditions or take medicines that affect your oral health
  • Dental implants

Backed by Science & Easy to Use: Nothing Works Like BioGaia Prodentis®!*