Do you struggle with common or reoccurring dental problems?

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The good bacteria in your mouth may need reinforcement.

A true breakthrough in oral care, Prodentis is a dental probiotic that reinforces the beneficial bacteria to promote a healthy balance in the mouth.  Tested in more than 50 studies, Prodentis promotes healthy gums & teeth.

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Now see & feel the difference with Prodentis,
a probiotic breakthrough in oral care.

Your Mouth Needs Probiotics, Too!

There’s a lot of talk about the good bacteria in your digestive system and how important it is for your gut health. But did you know that there are beneficial bacteria in your mouth, too, and they are just as important to your health.

Prodentis - A Breakthrough in Oral Care

Unlike other probiotics that target the gut, Prodentis is a probiotic that works in the mouth. Only Prodentis contains the exclusive & patented L. reuteri probiotics, clinically shown to improve oral health. By promoting a healthy balance, Prodentis promotes healthy gums & teeth.

If You've Tried It All

Dental Picks & Sticks,

Specialty Mouthwashes,

Rinses and Pastes,

Tongue Scrapers,

Dental Picks & Sticks

Nothing Works Like


Many oral care products work by eliminating bad bacteria, unfortunately they can eliminate the good bacteria as well. Rather than getting rid of the good guys, Prodentis strengthens & reinforces the beneficial bacteria to promote a healthy balance in the mouth and improve oral health.

What’s Hurting the Good Guys?

There is a constant battle in your body, especially in your mouth, between good and bad bacteria. The bad bacteria can harm us while the good bacteria protect us. Unfortunately, our modern way of life causes the bad ones to thrive while the good bacteria grow weaker.

The mouth gets bombarded daily by allergens, pollutants, chemicals, and potentially harmful bacteria. In addition, sickness, certain kinds of medicine, harmful oral-care products and plain old stress can upset the balance in our mouth.

certain medications and medical conditions


harmful oral-care products

a diet high in refined carbs and sugar

Why Is a Healthy Balance in the Mouth Important?

One of the best ways to keep your mouth healthy and defend against dental problems is to have a healthy balance in the mouth. Prodentis can help.

Only Prodentis contains dual L. reuteri probiotics shown to promote great oral health. From healthy gums to a confident smile, the benefits of having a healthy balance in the mouth are plentiful.

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